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KDS Consulting is an association of management consultants. They work together as a complementary team thanks to their training and experience. Bringing complementary competences together in one association creates the guarantee for the client that every aspect of management support will be considered.


KDS Consulting was created in 1992 and has been transformed to the actual management consulting office in 2003. Since 2004 KDS Consulting has been going international.


Quality services means our clients are satisfied of the services we provided. The company “Management Information” has externally audited kDS-Consulting on customer satisfaction. We reached the Q*For label with a customer satisfaction of 93%. Thanks to that quality label KDS-Consulting is officially recognized by the government.

Geographical spread

KDS Consulting is present on the Belgian market, more specifically in Flanders, since 1992. At the beginning of 2004, KDS Consulting started its activities in Brussels and the Walloons. The following step was the start up of our activities on the Chinese market.