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Stimulating the own consciousness, placed in a specific environment, broadens the strategic choices. This awareness creates a balance between entities and their environment.


As an association of management consultants we assist organizations and companies in their strategic choices and processing, starting from their identity, specific expectations and goals.

KDS Consulting ensures:

  • A professional network with a wide spectrum of competences, contiguous with the clients’ needs
  • Immediately available where needed
  • A comprehensive and efficient communication
  • A reasonably priced service
  • Tailor-made services


KDS Consulting realises consulting activities by means of quality, effective and specific services.


We support our client to undertake concrete actions, which will lead to get rid of the detected (mean) problem. We therefore provide the necessary methods and tools to manage those problems.


Generate added value is the essence of consulting. This explains the high importance of defining the aim of the project. Together with the client, we define that aim (the desired solution to the existing problem), establish an action plan and evaluate the results.


KDS-Consulting is specialised in management support of small and medium sized enterprises/organizations, both in the profit and non-profit sector. This means that our approach and work is always tailor-made for your enterprise/organization.